A positive correl ation indicates that the parameters vary in the

A positive correl ation indicates that the parameters vary in the same dir ection, while negative correlation indicates that the parameters vary in the opposite this direction. In fact, the multivariate statistical procedure that analyses the cor relation measures the linear associations between all parameters if parameters increase or decrease at the same time the correlation is positive, while other changes are considered negative. Statistically independ ent parameters have an expected correlation of zero. Using the principal component analysis we plot ted the network of vectors obtained by analyzing the data matrix of correlation coefficients. In the plots obtained, the angle between vectors is inversely propor tional to the degree of correlation between vectors the same vector direction indicates a positive correlationco variance, the opposite vector direction indicates a negative correlationcovariance.

This allows a visualization of the situation under study Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries and is an Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries excellent method for cap turing significance from systems biology evaluations. Results In health, APCs regulate Th cell differentiation Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries and Th cell network homeostasis through IL6 pathways in women but through IFN pathways in men Our results confirm Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries that in health, cytokine regulate im mune response cell phases through gender specific pathways. No significant differences were observed in the levels of the different types of specific Th cytokines between men and women apart from IL10, which was higher in men when PHA stimulus was used.

Our results show that APCs regulate Th cell differenti ation and Th cell network homeostasis under resting and activated conditions of the immune system in both men and women relationships were found between APC cytokines and Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries Th cell cytokines under resting and activated conditions. However, this effect appears to be exerted through IFN production in men but through IL6 production in women. The production of cytokines by cells in resting condi tions does not seem to have a specific role in the regula tion of Th cells in men, since no significant relationships were observed in either the 24 h or 72 h culture. However in women the linked production of IL2 IL4 and IFN IL6 Th1Th2 cytokines appears to influence regulation. Fur thermore, this Th1Th2 IL2 and IL4 inter regulation in women appears to have an early and late role in the con trol of the Th cell network since the correlation between their levels is significant in both the 24 h and 72 h cul ture supernatant cytokine assays.

The inter regulation between IL6 and IFN levels is only significant in the 72 h assay. Cell cytokine production in activated conditions appears to have a specific role in the regulation of Th cell network homeostasis in men and women as sellekchem signifi cant relationships emerged.

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