Fig  6 Tom and Hope Punnett, Philadelphia PA, 2007 Acknowledgment

Fig. 6 Tom and Hope Punnett, Philadelphia PA, 2007 PD-1 inhibitor Acknowledgment We thank George C. Papageorgiou, who knew several members of the

Emerson-Rabinowitch Photosynthesis Project, for his valuable suggestions, and for editing the final copy of this manuscript. George was our guest editor, who enthusiastically recommended acceptance of this Tribute for publication in Photosynthesis Research. References Bannister TT (1972) The careers and contributions of Eugene Rabinowitch. Biophy J 12:707–718CrossRef Bonaventura C, Myers J (1969) Fluorescence and oxygen evolution from Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Biochim Biophys Acta 89:366–383 Brody SS (1992) We remember Eugene [Rabinowitch] and his lab during the fifties. Photosynth Res 43:67–74CrossRef Emerson R, Lewis

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