The control group showed a moderate to abundant presence of VEGF

The control group showed a moderate to abundant presence of VEGF with a cytoplasmic staining pattern of The tumor sections presented a peripheral and a central zone. The Peripheral zone is an area with fibroblasts, collagenous fibers and blood vessels. most The Central zone showed necrotic areas, tumor cell pleomorphism and disorganized small blood vessels, typical architecture of tumor angiogenesis. The group inoculated only with the TA3 MTXR tumor averaged 43. 8 1. 74 vesselsfield. On the other hand, the group treated with Cx at 1000 ppm presented 24. 1 0. 86 vesselsfield. A significant decrease in the number of vessels per area was detected in the treated group. Lung sections showed normal parenchyma surroun ding a group of tumor cells in a cannon ball shape.

This formation had tumor cells, neoangiogenic vessels and a loss of lung architecture. In lung sections, the control group averaged 284. 8 7. 21 vesselsfield, while Cx the treated animals averaged 258. 7 5. 65 vesselsfield. Cx decreases proliferation of a murine AJ mammary tumor Histological sections of tumor were incubated with a Rabbit Polyclonal Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries Anti Human Ki 67 antibody, a pro tein associated to cell proliferation. In the control group, immunomarked cells were tumor cells, even when they are surrounded by lymphocytes and polymorphonuclear cells. Quantification of immunomarked cells in tumor showed that the control group had a Ki Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries 67 relative expression of 1. 00 0. 14 while the Cx treated group showed a lower Ki 67 relative expression. Low quantities of tumor cells. Quantification of VEGF expression was 1. 00 0.

100. In contrast, the Cx treated group showed only a mild to moderate VEGF presence in tumor with a relative expression of 0. 70 0. 08. The Cx treated group showed a statistically significant difference when it was compared with control group. Cx promotes apoptosis of a murine AJ mammary tumor Histological sections of lung metastasis were Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries assessed with a TUNEL Assay for fragmented DNA detection, a characteristic condition of apoptosis. We observed 7. 30 0. 39 and 44. 6 1. 24 apoptotic nucleifield in lungs from the control and Cx treated groups, respectively. We also observed that, in a primary tumor, apoptosis increased after treatment with Cx at 1000 ppm. Discussion We propose that Cx decreases growth in a drug resistant mammary adenocarcinoma tumor.

Moreover, Cx decreases angiogenesis and promotes apoptosis in the same tumor cell line. Cx inhibits microvascular density in the CAM assay at different concentrations. This Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries result was Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries useful to define the optimal concentration in a tumor. Previous reports demonstrated that COX 2 inhibitors suppressed angiogenesis on CAM. However, the COX 2 inhibitor assessed was nimesulide at 100 umolL. In our study we demonstrated that Celecoxib suppressed angiogenesis at 500 ppm and 1000 ppm. Higher doses than 2000 ppm induces tissue destruction.

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