The holocene sants containing uniform holocene minerals occured

The holocene sants containing uniform holocene minerals occured. Grained show unusual biological/microbiological activity, like antifungal against Peronospora sp., Phytophthora sp. The entity of the patent invention lies in the use of the holocene grain wash-out and different Human Interferons and combinations between them in the prevention of growth and multiplication of Human neoplastic cells in vitro. 1) Grain samples (»Svijetli« (Light), »Tamni« (Dark)) and Human ATM Kinase Inhibitor chemical structure Interferons: HuIFN-αN3

(Human leukocyte Interferon) (1000 I.U./ml) (reference value) and rHuIFN-α2 (1000 I.U./ml) (reference value) were used. Samples from river Drava sants, near Koprivnica, grained by »Star mix« technology giving fine grain with 60–80 μm size were used. The following

wash-out (»suspensions«) were prepared: (1) 10% Monoethylene-glycole, (2) 10% PBS (Phosphate buffer saline).CaCo-2 Gilteritinib mouse (Colon cancer carcinom) cells were used and WISH (Human amniotic cell line) cells as control. Cells were treated either with grain wash-out (Monoethylene glycole, PBS), HuIFN-αN3, rHuIFN-α2 or with different combinations between them in ratio: 1:1, 1:2, 2:1. The 50% cell growth inhibition test was used. The meaning of the data: The higher is the dillution till well giving 50% cell growth inhibition, beter is the substance. The conclusions:(1)The holocene grain wash-out (10% suspension) show the AP (Antiproliferative) activity against CaCo-2 cells in vitro.(2)The AP actvitiy of Monoethylene glicole wash-out is higher than these obtained from PBS (3)The obtained AP activity can be enhanced up to 4x by combination with HuIFN-αN3 but not with rHuIFN-α2.(4)For

the optimal enhancement of Holocene grain wash-out AP activity in vitro different natural subtypes contained in HuIFN-αN3 are needed. 1)Kesteli B., Filipič B., Šooš E. (2007): Ways of use of natural extracts of Holoce- ne minerals and Interferons on the growth of neoplastic cells.(In Croatian) IPO; Republic of Croatia, Patent No.: P20080400A Poster No. Calpain 148 Toxicity Studies of Cancer Drugs in Engineered Cell Environments Maria Håkanson 1 , Mirren Charnley1, MAPK inhibitor Marcus Textor1 1 Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, Department of Material Science, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland It is widely acknowledged that cancer progression and behavior is affected by the microenvironment [1]. Furthermore, substantial evidence exists that demonstrates the dependence of the drug response in cancer cells on cues of the surrounding environment, such as dimensionality [2] and ECM composition [3].

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