Yes No I am able to laparoscopically close the vagina after hyste

Yes No I am able to laparoscopically close the vagina after hysterectomy. Yes No I am able to laparoscopically close a 1cm cystotomy in the dome of the bladder. Yes No I am EPZ-5676 able to laparoscopically close a 1 cm enterotomy in the sigmoid colon. Yes No Did you attend the 2009 LIGO cadaver lab?* Yes No *These questions were not in the second questionnaire. 2.1. Curriculum This course employed multiple techniques for learning. Didactic lectures using referenced slide presentations were used to teach electrosurgical safety, laparoscopic surgical anatomy, avoidance and management of intestinal and urological complications, and coding for all procedures mentioned. Richly edited videos of TLH and advanced pelvic surgeries comprised most of the 26 hours of the three-day course.

Four surgeons established in their own TLH technique focused on common obstacles in performing TLH: the parametrial dissection and closure of the vaginotomy. Faculty videos demonstrated procedures typically performed concomitant with TLH, including uterosacral ligament plication, endometriosis resection, ureterolysis, enterocele repair, burch procedure, cystoscopy, and appendectomy. Advanced support and gynecologic Batimastat surgeries such as myomectomy, colposuspension, vaginal hysterectomy, and other mesh procedures were shown. Three faculty members showed detailed videos of suturing and knot tying, with live plenary session demonstration of suture techniques followed immediately by faculty precepted sessions of simulated laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying.

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