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“The feasibilit

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“The feasibility of adherent silver layers onto PET fabrics by electroless plating AC220 was explored and its optimal technology for modification and electroless plating was investigated. Morphology, structure, and thermal stability of silver plating PET fabrics were characterized by scanning electric microscope (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and thermogravitric (TG) analysis. As the silver weight on the modified fabric

is 25 g/m2, the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (SE) of silver plating PET fabric is more than 30dB at the frequency ranging from 1MHz to 5000 MHz. The results show that the silver plating PET fabric has good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding property. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2012″
“Mass scale culture of marine ornamental fish is facing many problems caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The

accumulation of unconsumed feed and bad water quality influence the growth of pathogenic forms of the Vibrio sp. To avoid these problems probiotics are used as an alternative agent in vitro for efficacy based on the inhibition of growth of pathogenic Vibrio sp and also it decreased the concentrations of ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate ions. The present study revealed that after the use of probiotics in experimental tank the beneficial microbial load is drastically increased but decreased the level of pathogenic Vibrios. click here The bacterial population changed during every sampling. THB in the experimental tank before the application of probiotics ranged from 2.39X10(3) to 4.82X10(4). After the application of probiotics, THB population varied between 4.21X10(6) and 7.43X10(7). In the control tank, THB count was found to be between 5.28X10(3) and 2.1X10(5), but Vibrio load was high. Vibrio sp counts ranged from 6.82X10(2) to 9.21 X10(3) CFU/ml in the experimental tank prior to application of probiotics. After the application of probiotics, Vibrio population varied selleck screening library between 1.62 X10(2) and 3.96 X10(2) CFU/ml. In the control tank, Vibrio count was found to be between 8.56 X10(2)

and 2.1 X10(4) CFU/ml.”
“The situation of career identity and job satisfaction among young hospital pharmacists in Guangdong, China was investigated. A mail-based questionnaire was sent to young hospital pharmacists in Guangdong, China. The questionnaire was designed to obtain information regarding demographic characteristics, career identity and job satisfaction. Pharmacists who were under 35 years old were defined as young pharmacists. Data were analyzed using SAS software. Of the 625 questionnaires mailed, 619 questionnaires, returned from 14 hospitals in Guangdong, were completed and suitable for analysis. Regarding career identity, only about 22% of young pharmacists thought pharmacists have high social status.

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