“We study ballistic phonon transport and thermal conductan

“We study ballistic phonon transport and thermal conductance associated with six low-lying vibrational modes in a quadrate nanowire superlattice at low temperatures. The results show that the transmission rates of the six vibrational modes display periodic forbidden regions of frequencies and have different relations with geometrical details of the nanowire superlattice. The thermal conductances contributed from different vibrational modes show different characteristics.

click here On the basis of the theoretical analysis and calculated simulation, quantum restricted effects on ballistic thermal conductance in the quadrate nanowire superlattice are revealed. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3622590]“
“In the central nervous system, members of the Src family of tyrosine Geneticin kinases (SFKs) are widely expressed and are abundant in neurons. The purpose of this study is to examine whether glycogen synthase-3 (GSK-3) is involved in SFK inhibitor-induced apoptosis. PP2 and SU6656, SFK inhibitors, increased apoptotic cell death with morphological changes that were characterized by cell shrinkage, chromatin condensation, or nuclear fragmentation. Moreover, both activation of caspase-9 and caspase-3 were accompanied

by the cell death. GSK-3 inhibitors, such as alsterpaullone and SB216763, prevented the PP2-induced apoptosis. In addition, insulin-like growth factor-I prevented the PP2-induced cell death and PP2 inhibited phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase (FAK). Phosphorylation of FAK on Tyr 576 by Src activates FAK. These

results suggest that inhibition of SFK induces apoptosis possibly via blocking of FAK/phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase/Akt signaling pathway and activation of GSK-3 is involved in the cell death in rat cortical neurons.”
“Objective. MM-102 The aim of this prospective study was to analyze the efficacy of a new alar base cinch suture by comparing it with the commonly used cinch suture described by Schendel and Delaire in Dr. William Bell’s book.

Study design. Thirty-five patients submitted to maxillary impaction and/or advancements of >= 3 mm were randomly divided into 2 groups. Group 1 received an extra oral alar base cinch suture, and patients from group 2 received the classic intraoral suture. Alar and alar base width were measured before and after surgery in digital photographs, with the patient’s head in a submental oblique view. Data were reported as means and standard deviations, and difference between groups were determined using Welch t test. A P value of <.05 was considered to be statistically significant.

Results. Mean alar base widening was 1.38 mm in group 1 and 2.5 mm in group 2, and mean alar widening was 1.40 mm in group 1 and 2.31 mm in group 2. The difference was statistically significant (P < .05).


We quantified the effects

of seven qualitatively differen

We quantified the effects

of seven qualitatively different environments (corresponding to both carbohydrate and gluconeogenic metabolic substrates) on the structure of this GPM. We found that the GPM has a more rugged structure in qualitatively poorer environments, suggesting that adaptive phenotypes could be intrinsically less accessible eFT508 in vitro in such environments. Nevertheless, on average similar to 74% of the genotype can be altered by neutral drift, in the environment where the GPM is most rugged; this could allow evolving populations to circumvent such ruggedness. Furthermore, we found that the normalized mutual information (NMI) of genotype differences relative to phenotype differences, which measures the GPM’s capacity to transmit information about phenotype differences, is positively correlated with (simulation-based) estimates of the accessibility of adaptive phenotypes in different environments. These results are consistent with the predictions of a simple analytic theory that makes explicit the relationship between the NMI and the speed of adaptation. The results suggest an intuitive information-theoretic principle for evolutionary adaptation; adaptation could be faster in environments where the GPM has a greater capacity to transmit information about

phenotype differences. More generally, our results provide insight into fundamental environment-specific differences selleck chemicals llc in the accessibility of adaptive phenotypes, and they suggest opportunities for research at the interface between information theory and evolutionary biology.”
“Objective: To compare the effects of peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) placement using B-mode ultrasound with the modified Seldinger technique (BUMST) versus the blind puncture.

Methods: S3I-201 One hundred chemotherapy patients were recruited to participate in a randomised, controlled trial in Guangzhou, China. Fifty were assigned

to the experimental group (using BUMST), and 50 were assigned to the control group (blind puncture). Demographic and background data, data related to PICC placement, complications after PICC placement, the patients’ degree of comfort (determined via a questionnaire), and patients’ costs for PICC maintenance were collected to compare the effects of the two methods. T-tests and chi-square tests were used to analyse the data; p < 0.05 was accepted as statistically significant.

Results: Nighty-eight of the 100 PICCs were successfully inserted (50 in the experimental group and 48 in the control group). Compared with the control group, the experimental group had a lower rate of unplanned catheter removal (4.0% vs. 18.7%; p = 0.02), a lower incidence of mechanical phlebitis (0% vs. 22.9%; p < 0.001), a lower incidence of venous thrombosis (0% vs. 8.3%; p = 0.037), and a higher incidence of catheter migration (32% vs. 2.1%; p < 0.001).

This type of microstructure

This type of microstructure AZD9291 supplier may mistakenly be interpreted as arising from island coalescence. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3225920]“
“The clinical presentation of myocarditis is variable and can mimic myocardial infarction. The diagnosis of acute myocarditis is frequently empiric, and is made on the basis of the clinical presentation, electrocardiographic changes, elevated cardiac enzymes, and lack of epicardial coronary artery disease

and lymphocytic infiltration on myocardial biopsy. We present an unusual case of a young patient with history of heart transplantation who presented with fever and polyarthritis and developed chest pain along with electrocardiographic changes and troponin elevation with no evidence of coronary artery, disease. His myocardial biopsy revealed marked neutrophilic infiltration and no evidence of rejection. The clinical picture was compatible with a rare finding of neutrophilic myocarditis in the allograft, possibly related to a systemic inflammatory process. J Heart Lung Transplant 2009;28:843-6. Copyright (C) 2009

by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation.”
“Recommendations for the management of cutaneous adverse effects of inhibitors of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) are urgently needed. In this context an expert panel of German dermatologists recently proposed a 3-step management concept based on personal experience and a current literature consensus. While steps 1 and 2 addressed general and preventive measures, as well as the therapy that can be performed by the primary treating physician, here we address the www.selleckchem.com/Wnt.html management of challenging cases (step 3) that do not respond well to basic measures and should be referred to an experienced dermatologist.”
“The efficiency of a photovoltaic device is

limited by the portion of solar energy that can be captured. We discuss how to measure the optical properties of the various layers in solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells (SDSC). We use spectroscopic ellipsometry to determine the complex refractive index of each of the various layers in a SDSC. Each of the ellipsometry fits is used to calculate a transmission spectrum selleck inhibitor that is compared to a measured transmission spectrum. The complexities of pore filling on the fitting of the ellipsometric data are discussed. Scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy is shown to be an effective method for determining pore filling in SDSC layers. Accurate effective medium optical constants for each layer are presented and the material limits under which these optical constants can be used are discussed. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3204982]“
“Little is known about the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization devices in heart transplant recipients. A survey of 59 medical directors of heart transplant programs (response rate, 55.

Results: FEV1 and FVC were slightly higher, and PEF was lower com

Results: FEV1 and FVC were slightly higher, and PEF was lower compared to recently published equations. Importantly, forced expiratory flow rates at middle and low lung volume, as putative indicators of small airway disease, were in good agreement with recent data, especially for older age. Conclusion: Our study provides up-to-date reference equations for all major indices of flow-volume curves in middle and advanced age in a South German population. The small deviations from published equations indicate

that there might be some regional differences of lung function within the Caucasian population of advanced age in Europe. Copyright (C) 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel”
“Li-Fraumeni syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder first reported by Drs Li and Fraumeni in 1969. Malkin Selleckchem LDK378 was the first to describe a germline this website mutation

as an underlying defect of Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Cancer risk in mutation carriers has been estimated to be 50% by age 40 and 90% by age 60. Children of affected parents have an approximate 50% risk of inheriting the familial mutation. Functional assays have been established that allow for easy genetic testing for TP53 mutation. Treatment goals center on early detection and surgical resection of affected organ. Targeted therapy for the TP53 gene may hold promise for the future.”
“Background: Since robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy was introduced, different modifications in the technique have been described to improve cancer control and minimize the possibility of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.


We reviewed the recent English literature on specific topics including when to preserve the neurovascular bundle (NVB), and we describe techniques to diminish the rate of positive margins and CP-673451 concentration to preserve continence and potency.

Results: Identifying predictor factors of local advanced disease helps in deciding when to preserve the NVB without compromising cancer control. Techniques to decrease the positive margins based on experience and modifications of the apical dissection are reviewed. Minimal disruption or reconstruction of the anatomic structures of the periprostatic tissues helps to maintain continence. Different degrees of NVB preservation can be performed based on the characteristics of the cancer. Cautery-free techniques and other modifications in the dissection to minimize the NVB injury are also discussed.

Conclusions: The understanding of the predictor factors of local advanced disease, together with modifications in the technique, helps to not only achieve cancer control but also improve quality of life after robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

(C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC “
“Certain bacterial species iso

(C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.”
“Certain bacterial species isolated from the gastrointestinal microbial communities release low-molecular-weight peptides into milk products using bacteria-derived proteases that degrade milk casein, and thereby generate peptides, triggering immune responses. The intestinal microbial communities contributes to the processing of food antigens in the gut. The present study was designed to investigate the immunomodulatory effects of microbial interference to determine whether

selleck chemicals casein degraded by probiotic bacteria-derived enzymes could modulate the cytokine production and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in atopic infants with cow or other synthetic milk allergy. Without hydrolyzation, casein reduced the production of interleukin-4, which indicates that probiotics modify the structure of potentially harmful antigens and thereby alter the mode of their immunogenicity. Intraluminal bacterial antigens have been reported to elicit specific

responses in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) through the binding capacity of intraluminal bacterial antigens to epithelial cells, which allows antigen entry via enterocytes and aids in evading the tolerance function in Peyer’s patches. Such tonic immune responses in the GALT may allow control of the metabolic activity and balance of buy Mdivi-1 the gut microbial communities.”
“A Mn-based Heusler alloy Mn2NiSb has been synthesized. First-principles calculations and experimental measurements were employed to investigate its electronic structure and magnetism. Theoretical calculation indicates a ferromagnetic coupling in Mn2NiSb and a total spin moment of 4.21 mu(B)/f.u., which agrees quite well with the saturation moment at 5 K. This ferromagnetic coupling arises from the larger lattice constant and more valence electrons compared with other Mn-based Heusler alloys. The partial spin moments for Mn (A), Mn (B), and Ni are 0.6, 3.30, and

0.3 mu(B), respectively. The Curie temperature of Mn2NiSb is 647 K, indicating a strong exchange interaction between Mn atoms.”
“Various single-cell retention structures (SCRSs) were reported for analysis of single cells VX-809 within microfluidic devices. Undesirable flow behaviors within micro-environments not only influence single-cell manipulation and retention significantly but also lead to cell damage, biochemical heterogeneity among different individual cells (e. g., different cell signaling pathways induced by shear stress). However, the fundamentals in flow behaviors for single-cell manipulation and shear stress reduction, especially comparison of these behaviors in different microstructures, were not fully investigated in previous reports.

8 dB) groups, but the differences between groups were not statist

8 dB) groups, but the differences between groups were not statistically significant.


Satisfactory hearing results were achieved with all the techniques, and STAMP showed better hearing outcomes, especially in high frequencies. CSM is ARN-509 a good option for children and patients in whom it is desirable to avoid a footplate fenestration or prosthesis. CSM and STAMP had significantly higher rates of revision for refixation than SFS.”
“Objective. This study aimed to describe prescribing and administration of opioids in a tertiary referral teaching hospital.

Secondary aims were assessment of staff knowledge of opioid pharmacology and available preparations, and of perceived barriers limiting opioid use.

Design. A cross-sectional survey of in-patients requiring opioid analgesia was performed. An anonymous semi-structured questionnaire was administered to medical and nursing staff.

Setting. Australian tertiary referral teaching hospital.

Patients. All patients prescribed opioids on study wards over 3 months (N = 190).

Results. Oxycodone was the most frequently prescribed opioid (51.4%). The majority (64.7%) of participants had incomplete pain relief, which was significantly associated with having opioid related side effects. There was no association CUDC-907 solubility dmso between pain relief and prescribed daily dose or received

daily dose of opioids. Limited understanding of opioid preparations, tolerance, and dependence was demonstrated by staff. The

most common perceived barriers to opioid use included difficulties in identifying the right dose, staff time required to prescribe Epigenetic Reader Do inhibitor and monitor, and large numbers of preparations. While prescription of inadequate doses was perceived as a barrier, this study identified that submaximal doses were administered. An opioid educational session improved knowledge of opioid formulations.

Conclusion. The majority of participants had incomplete pain relief and the maximum prescribed doses of opioids were not administered. Reported barriers included staff knowledge of opioid dose titration and opioid preparations, and time constraints. Identified barriers included poor knowledge of opioid preparations.”

Cochlear implants (CIs) are typically activated 3 to 6 weeks after the surgery. For some patients who live in remote areas, this waiting period could impose some personal and financial burdens. The current study examined whether CI recipients can be safely and effectively fitted with their speech processor five days after their implantation.

Study Design

Randomized controlled trial.


Tertiary referral center.


A total of 23 patients (2-30 yr of age) undergoing traditional CI surgery were recruited to participate in this study. Participants were divided into 2 groups: an early-fit group whose devices were activated 5 days after surgery and standard-fit group whose devices were activated using the recommended waiting period.

03) and septal Tei index (p = 0 03) as the best predictive model

03) and septal Tei index (p = 0.03) as the best predictive model (R (2) = 0.36). The area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for septal Tei index was 0.84 (95 % confidence interval = 0.64-0.96,), and it was comparable with the ROC curve for shortening fraction, p = 0.76. Optimal values of sensitivity (100 %) and specificity (60 %) were obtained with septal Tei index values > MAPK inhibitor 0.51. The TDI septal Tei index is an indicator of disease severity in pediatric heart failure patients and offers potential

advantages compared with standard echocardiographic measures of left-ventricular ejection.”
“This study aimed to determine the effect of baicalin on insulin resistance, glucose absorption, and blood lipids in type 2 diabetic rat model. Diabetic rats were treated with baicalin (40,80 mg/kg) for 40 days. The results showed that diabetic rats treated with baicalin resulted in a significant decrease in the concentration of plasma triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, improved the body weight. Furthermore, baicalin markedly decreased blood glucose level in the diabetic rats. The levels of plasma insulin and resistin exhibited

significantly lower in the diabetic rats treated with baicalin than those of the model group. These findings suggest that baicalin can improve adipose metabolic disturbance in the experimental Screening Library chemical structure type 2 diabetic rats, can effectively ameliorate insulin resistance and plasma glucose transport by decreasing

the levels of plasma resistin.”
“Although polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferase (GST) have been associated with the risk of bladder cancer (BC), few reports provide information about the development of BC. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of homozygous glutathione S-transferase-mu (GSTM1) and glutathione S-transferase-phi (GSTT1) deletions as prognostic markers in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). A total of 241 patients Smad inhibitor with primary NMIBC were enrolled in this study. GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms were analyzed by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using blood genomic DNA. The results were compared with clinicopathological parameters. The prognostic significance of the GSTs was evaluated by Kaplan-Meier and multivariate Cox regression model. A statistically significant association between genotype and histopathological parameter was not observed. The patients with the GSTT1-positive genotype had significantly reduced recurrence-and progression-free survival than those with the GSTT1-null genotype (log-rank test, p < 0.05, respectively). Recurrence-and progression-free survival were not related to the GSTM1 genotypes. In multivariate regression analysis, the GSTT1-positive genotype was the independent predictor for recurrence [hazard ratio (HR), 1.631; p = 0.043] and progression (HR, 3.418; p = 0.006). These results suggested that the GSTT1 genotype could be a useful prognostic marker for recurrence and progression in NMIBC.

Also, the elderly were more likely not to have their AIDS conditi

Also, the elderly were more likely not to have their AIDS condition promptly diagnosed. (C) 2012 Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.”
“Background: Vagal nerve MK-4827 order stimulation (VS) has been suggested to be an effective adjunct to reperfusion therapy in myocardial infarction (MI) However. the effect of VS on left ventricular (LV) remodeling after reperfused MI has not been examined

Methods and Results: We investigated the effects of early. brief VS on acute inflammatory reactions (study I) and chronic LV

remodeling (study 2) in a rabbit model of reperfused MI In study I. rabbits were subjected to 60-minute coronary artery occlusion followed by reperfusion alone (MI. n = 8) or treated with 24-hour VS (MI-VS. n = 8) At 24 hours after ischemia-reperfusion. MI-VS rabbits showed significantly decreased myocardial infiltration of neutrophils and reduced myocardial expressions of tumor necrosis factor-a and matrix metalloproteinase-8 and -9, compared with MI rabbits Myocardial expression of interleukin-6 was

not affected by VS In study 2. rabbits were subjected to coronary occlusion and reperfusion alone (n = 16) or treated with VS for 3 clays (n = 14) At 8 weeks after ischemia-reperfusion. MI-VS rabbits showed significantly improved LV dysfunction and dilatation, and significantly reduced infarct size, infarct wall thinning, A-1210477 chemical structure and LV weight compared with MI rabbits

Conclusion: Early. short-term VS attenuates LV remodeling after reperfused MI, which may be associated with suppression of MGCD0103 concentration acute inflammatory reactions (J Cardiac Fail 2010.16 689-699)”
“Background: There are no reports on hyponatremia and acute kidney injury (AKI) involved in the course of HIV-related

toxoplasmic encephalitis (TE). The main objective of this study was to describe the occurrence of hyponatremia and its relationship with AKI and mortality in HIV-related toxoplasmic encephalitis (TE).

Methods: This was a retrospective cohort study on patients with HIV-related TE. AKI was considered only when the RIFLE (risk, injury, failure, loss, end-stage) criterion was met, after the patient was admitted.

Results: A total of 92 patients were included, with a mean age of 36 9 years. Hyponatremia at admission was observed in 43 patients (46.7%), with AKI developing in 25 (27.1%) patients during their hospitalization. Sulfadiazine was the treatment of choice in 81% of the cases. Death occurred in 13 cases (14.1%). Low serum sodium level correlated directly with AKI and mortality. Male gender (OR 7.89, 95% CI 1.22-50.90, p = 0.03) and hyponatremia at admission (OR 4.73, 95% CI 1.22-18.30, p = 0.02) were predictors for AKI. Independent risk factors for death were AKI (OR 8.3, 95% CI 1.4-48.2, p < 0.0001) and hyponatremia (OR 9.9, 95% CI 1.2-96.3, p < 0.0001).

Conclusion: AKI and hyponatremia are frequent in TE.

(C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved “
“The feasibilit

(C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The feasibility of adherent silver layers onto PET fabrics by electroless plating AC220 was explored and its optimal technology for modification and electroless plating was investigated. Morphology, structure, and thermal stability of silver plating PET fabrics were characterized by scanning electric microscope (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and thermogravitric (TG) analysis. As the silver weight on the modified fabric

is 25 g/m2, the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (SE) of silver plating PET fabric is more than 30dB at the frequency ranging from 1MHz to 5000 MHz. The results show that the silver plating PET fabric has good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding property. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2012″
“Mass scale culture of marine ornamental fish is facing many problems caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The

accumulation of unconsumed feed and bad water quality influence the growth of pathogenic forms of the Vibrio sp. To avoid these problems probiotics are used as an alternative agent in vitro for efficacy based on the inhibition of growth of pathogenic Vibrio sp and also it decreased the concentrations of ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate ions. The present study revealed that after the use of probiotics in experimental tank the beneficial microbial load is drastically increased but decreased the level of pathogenic Vibrios. click here The bacterial population changed during every sampling. THB in the experimental tank before the application of probiotics ranged from 2.39X10(3) to 4.82X10(4). After the application of probiotics, THB population varied between 4.21X10(6) and 7.43X10(7). In the control tank, THB count was found to be between 5.28X10(3) and 2.1X10(5), but Vibrio load was high. Vibrio sp counts ranged from 6.82X10(2) to 9.21 X10(3) CFU/ml in the experimental tank prior to application of probiotics. After the application of probiotics, Vibrio population varied selleck screening library between 1.62 X10(2) and 3.96 X10(2) CFU/ml. In the control tank, Vibrio count was found to be between 8.56 X10(2)

and 2.1 X10(4) CFU/ml.”
“The situation of career identity and job satisfaction among young hospital pharmacists in Guangdong, China was investigated. A mail-based questionnaire was sent to young hospital pharmacists in Guangdong, China. The questionnaire was designed to obtain information regarding demographic characteristics, career identity and job satisfaction. Pharmacists who were under 35 years old were defined as young pharmacists. Data were analyzed using SAS software. Of the 625 questionnaires mailed, 619 questionnaires, returned from 14 hospitals in Guangdong, were completed and suitable for analysis. Regarding career identity, only about 22% of young pharmacists thought pharmacists have high social status.

The structure of the new compound was elucidated as Z-hex-3-en-1-

The structure of the new compound was elucidated as Z-hex-3-en-1-ol O-alpha-L-arabinopyransyl (1”-2′)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (1) on the basis of spectroscopic

analysis and chemical evidence. The two known compounds were identified as ent-15-hydroxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid (2) Selleck eFT-508 and ent-18-hydroxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid (3) by comparison of their spectral data with the reported data. Compounds 2 and 3 were isolated for the first time from the title plant.”
“Background There is an increased prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) in patients with obesity. It is unclear if this biochemical abnormality may be a secondary phenomenon of obesity or a real hypothyroid state.

Methods A retrospective study of all the morbidly obese patients undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as bariatric procedure between October 2007 and November 2012 was performed. Weight loss, body mass index (BMI) and excess weight loss, baseline glucose, lipid profiles, and TSH levels were obtained before operation and postoperative determinations at 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery.

Results Sixty patients were included. Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism was 16.7 % preoperatively, 10 % at 3 months, 3.3 % at 6 months, and 1.7 % at 12 months. A significant correlation could be

established between TSH decrease and weight loss at 12 months (Pearson 0.603; p = 0.007). TSH decrease showed a significant AZD1208 correlation with glucose and glycated hemoglobin decrease from 6th month onwards. Referring to lipid profile, an association of TSH decrease with total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol could not be determined. A significant association between TSH decrease and triglycerides and cardiovascular risk index triglycerides/HDL cholesterol click here reductions could also be established 12 months after surgery.

Conclusions SCH is usually corrected after bariatric surgery, while there are no significant changes in total or LDL cholesterol. This

suggests that, in morbidly obese subjects, SCH is, in most patients, just a consequence of the abnormal fat accumulation and not a real hypothyroid state.”
“This study was conducted to assess the allelopathic effect of essential oils (EOs) obtained from the aerial parts of two different ecotypes (ECTPs A and B) of Zataria multiflora Boiss. with the aim of evaluating their invitro germination and growth inhibition potential. Gas chromatography (GC) and GC-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis of the oils revealed that carvacrol and linalool (77.4% and 90.6%) were the two major oil components in ECTPs A and B, respectively, which were regarded as two different chemotypes. Other important volatile compounds found in ECTP A were -pinene (2.7%), p-cymene (7.9%) and -terpinene (3.5%). However, in ECTP B these compounds were in lesser amounts and -terpinene was not detected.